Sunday, May 19, 2019

MY PEN ( A Poem By Puzz Pacino

(A poem by Puzz Pacino)

My Pen gon’ be the death of me 
It’ll be in my right hand when I exhale the last 
breath in me 
I use it as my weaponry 

So I ain’t got to resort to violence like the panthers 

in the 70’s 

And my oppressors keep telling me ‚
If you just stop writing we’ll consider granting you 
I guess it’s just the Re-bel in me 
And they can’t understand why I can’t accept what 
they selling me 
You should see how they discredit me Tellin’ 
people I’m a rat so the homies will try to get 
at me 
But all that did was give me energy 
And more credibility when real street ni**a’s 
defended me 
So throughout my life’s tendency 
You can expect me to invoke what Martin Luther 
King extended me 
The right to effectively Tell the world of the oppression Corrections has subjected me. 

My Pen Gon’ Be The Death of Me!

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